Ross Lornie & Co Ltd

Searchers of Public Records

Ross Lornie & Co Ltd are a major supplier of property title information and supplementary services in Scotland.

Our staff have many years of experience in all areas of record searching and this knowledge linked with our IT systems allow us to deal with all enquiries both speedily and accurately.

Scottish Property (Sasine) Registers have been kept since 1617 with many changes having been made from parochial systems through to more general registers.

Minute books were introduced in 1672 and an abridgment system in 1821.

All registers are still available for inspection and, in most instances, copies of deeds can be obtained.

In 1876 the Search Sheets were created detailing, in chronological order, deeds and transactions affecting properties.

These Registers have now been superseded by the Land Register for Scotland for current information.

We can supply current and / or historic title information on all properties situated in Scotland whether it be a humble croft or a rambling estate along with copies of deeds if required.

Although our services are in the main required by the Legal Profession we welcome enquiries from any party requiring Scottish title information.

Please contact Ross Lornie or Mark Koch for further details.